Charles as photographed by Paul SteerI am not a writer by trade. My wife, Anne Wareham, writes. She writes lots. And she writes for publication, which I think, means that she exercises discipline and discrimination and thought about what and how she writes. I admire this approach.

Most of what she writes gets read by me, first. So her writing has rather engaged me with writing. Anne edits www.thinkingardens . She can’t pay anyone for the content. Which means that over the last few years she has asked me to write for her.  So I have written reviews of gardens, book reviews and a couple of articles. And I have enjoyed the process and the fact of what I have written being available to be read.

So, writing this blog is for the enjoyment of writing. Primarily it is going to be writing about something that I get great pleasure from – walking. And mostly, for now at least, it is going to be about walking the newly completed Wales Coast Path, which opened officially on May 5th 2012. What I have found already is that by writing about these walks afterwards, I am finding out much more about the places I have seen and that this is adding enormously to the richness of the experience.

As yet there has been relatively little published about the path that is available online. The official Wales Coast Path website has maps showing the route of the path, but no commentary and really very little useful information.  And there is no guide to the path published in print, though some parts are covered by existing guide books, for instance to the Pembrokeshire Coastal path. What I want to do is to offer other walkers  what I hope will be useful and interesting information about where I have walked, and to do so in at least an entertaining  and,  I hope, a thoroughly opinionated and sometimes personal way.

The writing will be illustrated by photographs. These will be pictures taken “on the hoof” in whatever weather and light conditions were prevailing at the time on a  Canon G12. This “top end” compact allows me to take pictures in a RAW format and to process them myself. This gives much better results than the cameras built in processing of the images.

If you like an image and would like a print do get in touch. Many of the photographs will give a good quality print at A3+ size.  Such images will be printed on the Epson R2000 printer on Epson Fine Art paper.  It gives stunning results.  A signed print at A3+ is £45 inclusive of postage (within the UK).

About me

Anne and I live in south east Wales, near Chepstow. We have lived here for 25 years and we have made a garden. A big garden by most people’s standards. You can come and see it if you like. I also photograph gardens for publication. I have been doing this for 13 years. In 2009 I had a book  published – “Discovering Welsh Gardens” – which was written by Stephen Anderton and had around 300 of my photographs. And in 2011 I did all the photography for “The Bad Tempered Gardener” which was written by Anne- most of the pictures were taken in our garden. I have about 3000 images with GAP photos.  But I earn my living as a Senior Social Worker dealing with emergencies and working outside normal office hours.  I have been doing this for almost as long as we have lived here.  My working pattern has made the rest of what I do possible. So it’s great job, whatever you might think.



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